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The Best Solar Company in Phoenix Arizona

A to Z Solutions is your one stop shop for solar panels and solar installations in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.  We are locally owned and opperated, installing solar energy electric systems for homes and business.  We allow you to say goodbye to your electric bill by providing solar financing with affordable loan options.

Affordable Solar Loan Options and More in Phoenix

We are your complete home solution from A to Z.  Not only do we provide affordable solar installations, but we also specialize in other home iprovements.   Considering other home repairs or upgrades?  Short on cash for the repairs.  Let A to Z Solutions help you get all of our solar and home repairs wrapped into one low payment.  Already got a quote from another company?  We can beat it!  Contact us today!

Why Solar Panels in Phoenix, Arizona?

Like sunshine, the benefits of solar power are abundant, and here in Arizona we get a lot of it! Perhaps the biggest benefit of home solar panel installation is that solar power can significantly reduce or completely eliminate your electric bill. Home solar panels increase home value from the moment of installation and offer total protection against future electric rate increases. Solar customers in AZ get reimbursed for any excess energy sent back to the grid. Once a solar panel installation is complete, home solar panels last decades and require very little maintenance. Finally, the electricity generated by a home solar power system is free, non-polluting, renewable and reliable. A to Z Solutions will walk you through the entire solar installation process. We will perform an energy audit, design a customized solar panel system, obtain all the necessary permits, tackle the paperwork and electric utility company applications, and install your solar system. Once your home solar panels are up and running, a visual website is used to monitor the performance of your solar power system. Contact A to Z Solutions today to get your free energy audit!

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