Looking for a trusted solar company in Phoenix? 

A to Z Solutions is your one stop shop for all your solar needs. 

We provide professional installation for top of the line solar panels,  all covered by warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarentee.

A to Z Solutions can also help finance for your solar panels and other housing needs. 


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Solar Panel costs continue to fall and more financing options are available. If you aren’t ready to purchase your system outright, we have many other options.
Loan options are great because we try to match your current monthly electric bill.

Panel warranty

Both our panels and our craftsmanship are installed with confidence and a 20+ year warranty.  You can feel assured that your investment is protected and your solar will produce electricity for its full lifecycle.

Additional Home Services

If a loan option is something you are considering, this would be the time to get any other repairs or upgrade so you could wrap it in your loan as one payment. Call our rep today for more info.


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